Life Beyond Bullets


As a young man, the author unfolds his profound and vibrant reflections of his luminous, candid, and intensely personal account of living in rural Afghanistan and various countries in West Africa. The book is a journey with thoughtful exploration addressing the cross-cultural, political, gender, economic, security, and religious issues of war zones and least developed nations as directly observed by the author. The author’s concern throughout is on unearthing ways of fitting in and gaining acceptance from the resident population. Brimming with his incisive and eclectic honest experiences in this raw, unflinching, exquisitely written, fast-paced memoir, he charts ways to win the trust of local people, portraying the development themes and ideologies, dangers that he and others have faced, health and security issues, his fond memories and lessons learned about reintegrating after returning from various development missions in dangerous and less-developed locales from his perspective.

Sharp and evocative, Life Beyond Bullets goes beyond conventional war and development books. Providing a unique window into examining and depicting the poignant challenges and walks us through the tiny details of the realities of everyday life. A long distance from the diplomatic and media bubbles most people are familiar with.